For 20 years in the H.V.A.C.

GreenTech Energía has evolved with the technology industry; smartphone, learning t-stat, Alexa and other devices and applicatios have allowed us to develop synchronization formulas btween them, wich generates automation in the home, allowing us a maximum of efficiency and energy savings.

If we add to this growing technological wave, a conservative education in the use of renwable energy where solar systems are part of the main source of energy in homes, industries, businesses, we woould stop the excessive environmental destruction; global warming, acid rain waste dumps, water pollution, etc.

Our Mission is to bring to ech one of you the advantages of photovoltaic technology or energy produced by solar radiation, RELIABILITY, DURABILITY, LOW MAINTENACE COSTS, NO FUEL COSTS, NOISE REDUCTION, MODULARITY, INDEPENDENCE are some of the generosities of NON-POLLUTING renewable energies.