Adding Value, Savings and Ecological Awareness

Solar Systems

Adding Value, Savings And Ecological Awareness

The Best of Alternative Energy

Adding Value, Savings And Ecological Awareness


Why Choose Green Tech Energy?


Solar Energy

Today solar modules provide energy to millions of homes around the world. Call us today, add your home to the energy of the future…


Safe Planet

Specialized in high-efficiency equipment with energy savings certifications, Greentech Energy Choose the best plan according to your budget…


UVC for COVID-19

We have a series of Ultra violet light equipment that inhibits and destroys bacteria, viruses, mold, fungi in air conditioning systems…


Produce Your
Own Clean Energy

Generating energy and thermal insulation solar panels. They raise the energy efficiency of your home, eliminating your electricity bill by 90%. IAQ: Indoor air quality in the home is a determining factor in energy efficiency measurements, we have germicidal technology with ULTRA VIOLET LIGHT to disinfect environments, residential and commercial spaces.


The Power of Your Solar Energy Home

We use a satellite image to measure how much energy can reach your roof


Efficient Air Conditioning

Air filter systems, ultraviolet light disinfection, restoration of turbines and evaporators, changes of equipment, new constructions, metallic Ductwork designs, with a completely personalized and audio-visually documented service.

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